The raw vegan lifestyle promotes eating organic whole foods in their natural living state.    Cooking foods denatures the proteins and kills the enzymes, causing more effort for your body to digest.  This also basically means all foods under discussion as being toxic are naturally removed from your diet (dairy, gluten, sugar, processed anything...).

I have some references here for you to follow with more information if you would like to learn more.

Raw Food Introduction:



The People:

There are many famous raw food bloggers now, but I want to share my favorites with you.  The Raw Food pioneers.

Matt Monarch   Founder of the Raw Food World

Shazzie Founder of Detox Your World

David Wolfe Founder of Sunfood (we use their cacao at Bear & Otter's)

Raw Food Family Lots of information and great products from Victoria Boutenko and her family


My first introduction to raw food was in 2006 from a colleague in her 60's.  Her husband among other medical conditions had just been diagnosed with diabetes, and when it came time to  start the insulin injections they rebelled against modern medicine and took turns reading every nutritional book they could get their hands on.  They spent every minute of the day reading, one would read to the other while driving to work, gardening, cooking, etc.  At the end of this journey they came upon raw foods, and drastically changed their lives.  Not only did they free themselves from all prescription medication, her husbands hair grew back and they both turned much more brown (less grey hair). Over 12 months I watched them reverse age.  Their energy levels beat mine (21 years old at the time) and their mental acuity was remarkable, like they were running on jet fuel.

These are the books that she introduced me to that in turn changed my life for the better.


Most of the chocolate we eat today has been processed by machines, heated at high levels and denatured from it's natural state.

The cacao fruit (also called bean or nut) has the highest concentration of antioxidants of any known food.  It also is incredibly high in minerals and vitamins and a good source of fiber.  Many of these benefits are lost during the processing of common chocolate, and this why chocolate has developed the reputation as a vice.  For this reason we are using only premium quality unprocessed cacao in our smoothies and treats.  Raw organic cacao is truly a superfood and we are happy to bring  the wonders of raw chocolate to Alaska.

For more information about chocolate I recommend Shazzie and David Wolfe's book: Naked Chocolate (below) or check out his TED talk

  • Raw cacao has the highest antioxidant levels on the ORAC scale of any other food.

  • More than 3x's that of Pomegranate