All of our smoothies are made with only organic, vegan ingredients.  We always sneak in some green leaves to keep you healthy and alkalized.

  • Homer Bluesberry Special - Blueberry, banana, organic juice, local kale or rainbow chard
  • SockeyeSpin - The Pink one- antioxidant berry blend, organic mango juice, banana, local kale or rainbow chard
  • Chocolate Dream - The stuff superfood dreams are made of - raw vegan cacao, vegan nut milk, banana, hemp seed, maca powder, coconut oil... mmmm

Add superfoods to your smoothie for an additional charge ($1.00 each)

Maca, Hempseed, Chia seed gel, Lucuma


KOMBUCHA - The best homebrewed kombucha in Alaska, we brew it ourselves from organic tea leaves and rotate a variety of special flavors.  The store bought stuff has nothing on the homebrew.


We make the tastiest vegan milks you've ever tried. 


At Bear and Otter's we not only provide you the healthiest (and tastiest) food around, we have a conscience about our impact on the environment. 

  • This is the reason we do not use plastic bottles for our specialty drinks.  There is a deposit system used on the glass bottles.  Just return the empty bottle to us and we will refund the deposit.  
  • For the food packaging we use only biodegradable materials. 
  • We encourage you to use one of our reusable mason jars when enjoying our delicious smoothies, but if you are on the go we also have biodegradable cups available.



  • Raw Vegan Organic Chocolates: Tasty and HEALTHY chocolate.  Pair with a glass of cashew milk for a mind-blowing experience
  • Raw Vegan Kale Chips: Unique flavors, made from local organic produce, snackalicious.
  • Gourmet Vegan Cheese: We offer a rotation of varieties of vegan cheeses made from organic cashews, almonds and sunflower seeds.  They are alive and full of healthy enzymes and probiotics for maximum nutrition.